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Ohio River love- Rinker Buck is full of it!

An enjoyable aspect of any project is the research. When arrogance and ignorance combine to cause one to take on a subject like a 981 mile river there is a lot of research to be done. My wife Barbara gave me a book called “Life On The Mississippi.” It’s not the one Mark Twain wrote in the 1880’s, but a brand new take written by an adventurer/ journalist/ author named Rinker Buck.

Great name, eh? He's a fine writer as well. Despite the title, Rinker spends a lot of time in this book writing about the Ohio. Makes sense because he and friends built a flatboat and then

floated from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. Sounds a bit like Anna and Harlan Hubbard doesn’t it? Rinker reveres the Hubbards and calls the Ohio a “linear park that illustrates the history of America.” I had a great talk with Rinker by phone and hope to follow it up with an on-camera interview. I recommend the book highly.

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