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Kentucky Documentary Filmmaker


My Name is Morgan Atkinson
I’m a documentary writer and producer from Louisville, Kentucky, and I have spent 30 years focusing on people or groups seeking meaning in our rapidly changing culture.

I have produced 20 long-form documentaries broadcast on PBS stations across the U.S., beginning with my early works on Thomas Merton (“Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton,” and “The Many Storeys and Last Days of Thomas Merton”).

Our current project is called, “This is the Ohio, Life Death Rebirth of the Beautiful River”. We are making this documentary to change the way people perceive the Ohio River as well as the way they might encounter it. Our documentary shows how this river, once called "the beautiful river" but now derided as the dirtiest river in America, is an invaluable asset on many levels. The documentary brings to life the people and choices that can make the Ohio a beautiful river once again. Powerful earthquakes in 1811 were said to make the Ohio flow backwards. We hope our documentary can change the course of the Ohio in a different way. We recently finished production and are screening the program in communities up and down the Ohio River. If interested in hosting a showing please contact us.

Take a look at my latest featured trailer below, and more trailers included in my complete list of documentaries, with many available to rent or buy online. Thank you very much for visiting!

Featured Trailer

Ohio River Documentary Trailer
Morgan C. Atkinson
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